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A network traffic generator that analyses latency the right way

Within the world of telecom, network solutions (e.g. internet providers, hardware and even software vendors) are often tested and compared with each other. When analysing IP networks and network equipment you can run a number of tests. In doing so it is crucial to find a tool that:

  • measures all important KPIs
  • offers the right visualisation options for measured KPIs
  • helps the user correctly interpret data

To date there is no unequivocal consensus on the subject of how to accurately analyse latency and interpret its impact on user experience. At Excentis, we know that latency analysis goes beyond a single latency figure or the latency/jitter combo. Several statistics come into play when studying latency. Whereas one measurement speaks to the speed with which packets are sent/received, other measurements offer an insight into the distribution of these packets.


Visualise your network quality

ByteBlower is a network traffic generator/analyser which enables providers or IT companies to reliably test and compare IP networks and network equipment.


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Using a broad spectrum of tests, the network quality of a certain product, system or provider can be determined. In addition to measuring stability, functionality, scalability,… the many aspects of latency are also visualised in a transparent way. ByteBlower’s graphical user interface (GUI) is one of the most intuitive environments for the analysis of network tests. Depending on the ByteBlower model latency can be measured with a precision of 20 ns. Moreover, these real-time tests can be carried out in both wired and wireless networks.

But we look further and try to measure real Quality of Experience Delivered (QED). By defining a threshold for your latency measurements you can validate how a product, system or provider compares to your benchmark. This is also known as Quantitative Timeliness Agreement (QTA). This minimum requirement can always be adjusted as a function of the specifications of an application. In this way ByteBlower meets the requirements of the ever-changing world of telecoms and IT.

To illustrate, here are some example graphs from our ByteBlower reports (with a QTA for a 4k video conferencing application) :


current - CCDF

next - CDF

final - qed

ByteBlower meets your latency needs

Curious to find out whether ByteBlower by Excentis fulfils your test requirements as well?

Well, good news!

Recently we launched a live webinar about the impact of latency on Network Quality and Quality of Experience Delivered (QED).

Wim De Ketelaere, CTO at Excentis, engaged into dialogue with Bjørn Ivar Teigen, Head of Research at Domos. Their view on latency reflects in the functionalities that ByteBlower can offer.

Rewatch our latest webinar for free and get to know everything about Byteblower and measuring latency from first hand.


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Optimized parameters not only resulted in a boost in overall performance, PŸUR even scored a whopping 100% in Download and Upload Data Tests.


Thomas Anders

Director of Engineering at PYUR

No new investment was needed to test Wi-Fi 6E, ByteBlower wireless endpoints are compatible with new devices out-of-the-box. Wi-Fi 7 will be no different!


Russel Bean

Manager IP Operations at Cable & Wireless

The Excentis training course exceeded our high expectations. In depth yet accessible to a broad audience. Technical topics but never boring!


Endika Miragaya

Delivery Manager at Vodafone Group Services Düsseldorf

Thank you for your excellent work. We found the report very interesting and were happy to see the quality of choices quantified and objectively confirmed.

Henrik Häggman

Henrik Häggman

Product Manager for Broadband Services

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